How to choose your wedding photographer

Venue, check. Catering, check. Photographer...umm?

Finding the right photographer for your wedding is a difficult task for most couples, so this morning I interviewed Sttilo wedding photography to to get the inside scoop on their experience as wedding photographers and for advice to future couples on what to think about when hiring a wedding photographer.

1. What should a couple think about when choosing a wedding photographer? 

Think about the style of your wedding and how you want your day to be captured. Do you want your photos to tell a story or is important for you to have traditional shots of you with your guests? Documentary style shooting captures the spontaneity of your day focusing on the details and you and your guests in the moment.  If you are looking for something dramatic and romantic, fine art photography is both breathtaking and dreamy.  The question to think about is, how important are the photos for you and how much are you willIng to invest?

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2. Is it important to get to know your photographer before the wedding day?

Very. Have a face to face meeting with your photographer(s) before you book them. It is essential that you gel with your photographer so they are able to capture your story how you want it to be told.  We always recommend having a pre wedding shoot for a taster of what it will be like before your big day and to help our couples get used to acting naturally as if the camera wasn't there. It is very important to have a good rapport with your photographers and to feel comfortable in their presence. 

*Remember your photographer has a lot of experience in weddings and can also help guide you through the day. 

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 3. Describe a typical wedding day in the lives of Sttilo photography

Before a wedding we always do our background research; looking for special locations nearby where we can shoot with the couple and finding out the distance between the venue, ceremony and hotels to get our timings exact. We go to venue whilst it is being set up to start creating the story. We then go the groom's house and after that move on to the brides house to take some pictures while they are getting ready and we then leave for the ceremony earlier to test the lighting and secure our positions to capture the guests arriving. After the ceremony we take the bride and groom off to a pre-planned location to take some artistic shots, this usually lasts an hour. Throughout the day we are taking in the general atmosphere, shooting the details and making every moment count. During the meal we take a back seat to recharge our batteries and are off again for the first dance. An average day for us is about 11 hours long but we only leave when we feel we have enough shots to tell our couple's story. 

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4. How should a couple treat their wedding photographer?

Good question! There are many articles on how to choose the best photographer but how to treat your photographer is generally overlooked. You have chosen the perfect photographer for your wedding for a reason so now let them do their job.  Tell your guests not to bombard your photographer with photo requests as it will hinder them from working to their best and the same goes for you, trust your photographer to do what you've hired them to do. It's simple, If your photographer is happy, they will work with enthusiasm, they have been on their feet all day so remember to feed and water them too.  

* if you have a photocall, have your guests take photos with their mobiles or have a camera ready on a tripod, don't waste your photographer's time as they could lose precious moments of the day.

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5. How long should a couple wait before receiving their photos?

This completely depends on the photographers and the season. If you are hiring photographers who are fully booked throughout high-season, expect to wait up to three months. In low season it should take between 1-2 months.  We take around 2000 images at a wedding, to go through all the images and select the best ones and then to create a filter especially for the lighting and the style of the wedding can take up to 40 hours.  We would rather our couples wait a little longer than hand over a wedding without it being of the highest standard. 

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