A romance with Rome

Hi there!!

I have just got back from spending a week in Italy’s magical capital and I’m bursting to tell you all about it!  Rome is one of the most visited places in the world for the Vatican, the Colosseum, it’s beautiful fountains and spacious plazas, but don’t stop there. What thrilled me most about Rome was wandering through it's charming neighbourhoods, absorbing the rustic architecture, the wafts of freshly baked Focaccia filling the air and listening to the musical exchanges between the locals, who sounded like they were reciting poetry every time they opened their mouths.

Photography by Sttilo


Heading away from the river and deeper into Trastevere you will be faced with picturesque towering doorways and open windows overflowing with flowers and plants and walls in every shade of the sunset being crawled over by ivy and twines.

Feeling like getting in touch with nature? Escape into the botanical gardens with a picnic for the day.  

Fast food, Slow-cooked at La Boccaccia,

I never knew there could be so many varieties of pizza! In this local pizzeria they top the pizza with whatever takes their fancy and offer limitless options to choose from, the pizza is then sold by weight. excellent quality and very cheap. If you fancy pasta then try Rome's local dish of All'Amatriciana.    

Caffe é Dolci

Indulge in ever so creamy ice-cream whenever and wherever, share a tiramisu and shot espressos at the bar in true Italian style.

Last night in Rome

Stroll down the boho-hip Via Urbana in Monti neighbourhood where you will find vintage boutiques, wineries and upscale restaurants.