Wintry tablescape

Happy holidays to you all!

Today I am sharing tips on how to create a festive tablescape without accumulating any waste whatsoever. Yes, it's absolutely possible! Nothing was thrown away after this session and nothing was bought apart from the seasonal fruit and nuts that we later ate. 

First things first, find out what's in season. I checked online and found a list of fruit and veggies that were in season in Spain and then went to my local market to buy; pomegranates, grapes, tomatoes and chestnuts. While I was there, I spotted some dried goji berries and walnuts that I thought would add to the colour palette and give some extra texture.

For the tablecloth, I used a deep navy, almost black wool fabric that I had lying around, I never throw fabrics away as I always end up finding another use for them.  The napkins were also bits of fabric I had saved from past events. 

I really wanted to add a Christmassy element without buying flowers or greenery, so I created these twig wreaths with foliage I foraged by the river close to where I live.  I had no idea how they were going to turn out, but had so much fun playing Christmas tunes, drinking hot chocolate and making them that I didn't mind.  They were really easy to make, first I made different sized circles out of wire, that I shaped around plant pots, and then I secured the foliage with the wire. 

Together, they actually looked pretty good!

I hope you like the finished look. The best part of this table centrepiece is that you and your guests can pick away at it throughout the meal. 

Merry Christmas everyone x

| Joy Sttilo Photography |