Nomadic gypsy elopement inspiration

Gatos y Sirenas, a photography workshop set in southern Spain's coastal desert, invited us to collaborate with them on something really special in late 2017.

The talented foursome Joy Zamora +  Juanlu Rojano (partners at Sttilo), Robert Marcasillas and Azulclarito Casiblanco, get together once or twice a year in remote parts of the world to teach and inspire young creatives, in a fun and informal way.

We had the pleasure of setting up the workshop of top photographers Pablo Laguia and Serafin Castillo.

We took advantage of being in such a breathtaking place, not feeling the need to use a lot of decoration elements, the idea was to keep the session simple, but unique.  The styling was inspired by early 20th century wanderers and  gypsy caravans. We styled the campsite with eclectic fabrics, rugs and cushions, sticking to an earthy palette. The bride wore an original 1900's gown from L'arca and the bouquet was a bunch of hand picked wildflowers.  We had so much fun working on this nomadic gypsy elopement inspiration, we hope you love it too!

| Photography Pablo Laguia | Mua Marla Belleza