Say goodbye to pre wedding stress

Happy earth week!

I've been thinking about writing this post for a while now, but I let 'busy' take over and realized, I will never get this out there unless I put everything else on hold, so here I am!

A very good friend of mine gave me the idea for this post, when she said something along the lines of how stressful it had been organising her wedding and that when it was over, she was sure she would find something else to stress over.

A few years ago, I would have completely agreed.  But now, I truly believe that worrying and stress doesn't have to be a part of our lives.  Stress is not good for us and it can be overcome if we just dedicate some time to ourselves.

Want to know which three ways helped me become a more positive and happier person? 

Be mindful  

Why meditate?  Meditating brings us back to present moment releasing us from all the worries, to-do-lists and thoughts swimming around our heads. It gives us the chance to be mindful and appreciate what we have rather than what we had or want. 

How to meditate -  Find a quiet space in your home.  Sit down in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Inhale deeply through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth. Focus on your breathing and try to let your thoughts slip away. Focusing on a particular sense is a good way to keep you in the present moment. Try lighting a candle in front of you and watching the flame flicker, or listening to soothing music or even burning essential oils and inhaling the scent. This focus on one of your senses, will keep you from getting lost in your thoughts. 

Make Meditation a habit, incorporate it into your routine, it doesn’t have to be long. Anything from 10 minutes a day can make such a difference and before you know it you will be looking forward to having that time to yourself.  It can be done anywhere, at anytime, wearing absolutely anything you want. Go for it!

Don't do it alone

From experience, my brides have been the ones who have made a lot of the wedding decisions and some of them have also felt annoyed with their fiance due to their lack of interest.  Your partner isn't a wedding designer, so It's ok if they have indifferent decor opinions.  Be conscious of the reasons why you have decided to spend your lives together, enjoy the journey and let your wedding suppliers do they hard work.

Planning a wedding is a full time job, on top of your full time job . Don't sacrifice your social life because you're busy with your wedding, talk to friends about how you are feeling and ask them to lend a hand if you need it. A healthy break from wedding planning can give you a whole burst of new energy and the ability to see things anew.  

I appreciate that a lot of pre wedding stress is focused around money, but money comes and goes and will continue to do so.  Wedding's are expensive, but you should only spend within your means. 

Fuel yourself with goodness

I could go on about food forever so I'm going to keep this short and if you want to know more, please get in touch!  We are 72% water, 72% of the earth is covered in water and what we fuel ourselves with should be 72% water.  When we are busy we generally put our needs on hold, I'm definitely guilty of this, and end up eating processed foods, which causes lethargy and fills our bodies with toxins, ultimately making us feel even worse. 

Eating a plant based diet gives us glowing skin, boosts brain power, sheds excess fat and most importantly it can give us tonnes of extra energy in a matter of weeks.  A fast and easy way to start incorporating wholesome goodness into your diet is by juicing fresh fruit and vegetables. My favourite recipes can be found here by the lovely Deliciously Ella

Taking care of your body, mind and soul have positive long term effects, the earlier you apply this to your lifestyle, the better the results. 

Three must-see food documentaries that changed my life - Food choicesCowspiracy & Forks over knives

healthy living woman

My final words are, don't sweat the small stuff.  Enjoy this happy time in your life to the fullest - there will be many more adventures in your life but this one will never happen again.  Life has taught me, the journey is the destination.