Luscious gardens, endless views and shaded Andalusian patios

Originally an eighteenth century olive mill, then the home to a large family is now a rustic Spanish country house surrounded by olive groves, rich green hills dotted with sunflowers and far off in the distance the mountains that border Cádiz.  

Situated in a beautiful white washed village and surrounded by rolling hille. Despite feeling completely excluded you are not that far away from Cádiz´s breathtaking beaches.

The rural country house has a numerous rustic interior spaces and vast spacious exterior areas; luscious gardens with endless views of the mountains that surround the cortijo and flowery shaded Andalusian patios.  With the capacity of 300 people and the exclusivity of only celebrating one event per day, the country house has a doubtless intimate charm.   It also has it´s very own ermita (a small historical chapel), available for the ceremony. The country house has 6 quaint cottages in close proximity for guests to enjoy the full beauty of the surrounding area and it also offers the possibility to stay onsite, with the capacity of 60 guests.