Moroccan style farmhouse

This charming farmhouse in Andalusia seems as though it was built on the wrong continent with the Moroccan style orange textured walls, long hallways and arched ceilings. The tropical biodiversity surrounding the farmhouse may also give you that impression. But, when you step into the interiors, a whole other feeling takes over, the large living room and cosy bedrooms were designed inspired by an old English woodland cottage.

The exterior spaces consist of a patio that connects the two farmhouses, a spacious terrace with a view over the wild overgrown trees and mountains, an outdoor swimming pool and an old horse stable. The two farmhouses offer four double bedrooms in each, being able to accommodate 16 guests comfortably. There is nothing new or modern about the property, it has an almost unkept bohemian feel that adds to the charm and would be ideal for an intimate outdoor wedding for a couple wanting an informal celebration.

| Photos Joy Zamora |

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