Coachella summer wedding in Andalusia

Summer cocktails, non stop dancing, live cooking show, vibrant florals and the dreamiest bohemian macrame alter for our couple to say their vows under.

Mylene and Benjamin came from Paris to Andalusia for an informal festival style wedding. All they wanted was non stop live music, mojitos, piña coladas, bellini’s, self serve beer on tap and a feast sizzling on the barbecue all day long. No formalities or seating plans, they wanted to throw a wild fiesta that their guest would never forget.

Vintage Indian silk sari fabrics, peace signs made out of local flowers and sparkly lights hung from the eucalyptus trees, eclectic rugs, cushions and low tables clustered around the garden, live bands played one after the other and nobody stopped dancing.

Pure Coachella vibes on the other side of the Atlantic. Isn’t this the dream?

| Photographer Joy Zamora |