How much does it cost to get married in Spain?

If you are thinking about getting married in Spain I'm sure the question 'how much will getting married in Spain cost me?'  has been running through your head.  This post is dedicated to clearing up those niggles and to give you a taster of what you will be actually paying for.

Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding in a foreign country means getting used to different customs and sometimes being faced with a language barrier. It is essential that you have someone on the ground doing the leg work and advising you throughout the whole process, Choosing the right wedding planner for you will be the best investment you make because it will save you time, money and unnecessary stress.  There are many wedding planners to choose from in Spain and by looking at their style of work should help you decide on the one for you.

Some wedding planners work on a commission basis which means for every supplier booked they receive a percentage.  At Open the Door we personally don't accept any commission as our philosophy is to offer our clients the best suppliers within their budget regardless of if they offer commission or not, it also means that our couples receive reduced prices from certain suppliers.

Wedding planning, design and coordination services vary depending on the pack and size of your wedding. A professional wedding designer will charge between €2200 -€5000.

wedding planner spain

Wedding Venue

There is a variety of wedding venues to choose from in Spain; rustic country manors, vineyards, towering castles, historic palaces, rural retreats and boutique hotels.  Many venues include accomodation in the price of hire and have ample interior and exterior spaces so that your ceremony and your celebration can both be celebrated on the grounds.  Most venues offer complete exclusivity to you and your guests with no restriction to when your celebration should end.   

Venues can vary from €1500 to €6000  per night depending on how many guests the venue resides and the location of your wedding.  Some wedding venues offer a three day stay which gives you the opportunity to unwind and spend time with your closest family and friends during your stay (see an example of this below):

  • Day 1 - Pre wedding dinner and flamenco show
  • Day 2 - Wedding day! 
  • Day 3 - Post wedding hangover lunch by the pool

Bear in mind that some venues have restrictions about the suppliers that are able to work there so be sure to ask about exclusivity when booking your venue. 

greenhouse wedding venue spain


If you have never been to a wedding in spain before then you will be in for a surprise when you go for your menu tasting. The quality and the variety of the food and beverages on offer is absolutely unbelievable and not to mention the quantity...

What to expect: 1 to 2 hours of welcome tapas and refreshments, (do not fill yourself up like I did at my first Spanish wedding!) followed by a three-five course meal served with a selection of regional wines and beers. Then moving on to a four hour free bar and If you're still feeling peckish not to worry, there will be a sweet bar and a mini snack stand to keep you going until the early hours of the morning. 

Menus can vary from €85-€150 per guest. The caterers you choose can determine the whole style and atmosphere of your wedding, as the tableware, furniture and service staff is supplied by them and included in the price of the menu.

Things to be aware of when booking your caterers

Many catering companies have started offering additional services such as the stationary, decoration, music, photography...this has various downfalls the main one being that your wedding will look like the other 100 weddings done that year.  As a passionate wedding designer I thrive to work with highly experienced professionals in the industry and such catering packages mean that these specialists are being undercut and substituted.  Another important factor to be aware of is that the more intimate your wedding the higher the price per menu. 

catering food styling spain

Photography & Videography

Before you book your photographer/videographer make sure that you have seen their most recent work and more than one full wedding they have done. I encourage all of my couples to have a pre wedding shoot to break the ice: It is vital that your photographer/videographer makes you feel comfortable as they will be by your side for most of your big day. Click for more information on wedding photography in Spain.

Professional photographers and videographers charge between €1900 -€3500

Boho indie bride Spain

Flowers and decoration

The choice of your venue will determine the style and the quantity of the decoration you will need. Most of the country houses in Andalusia have unique charm and are adorned with vibrant flowers and overgrown foliage, if you plan to keep decoration costs to a minimum choose your venue wisely and speak to your wedding planner about local flowers for your bouquet.  

Wedding design is limitless; from flowery archways, food trucks, photo booths, retro furniture to vintage lighting... it all comes down to how much you want to and can invest in your wedding. Your wedding planner, who has expertise in this field, will be able to offer you options within your means.  

More informaction here.

€1500 -€5000

Floral design boho wedding Spain


Can you imagine, walking down the aisle while a solo guitarist is playing in the background, swaying to a jazz band during the reception drinks, dancing under the stars to an indie-rock band and finishing the celebration to an electro dj-set. There is a vast amount of musical talent in Spain and if you are a music lover, you won't be disappointed. Most bands sing in both English and Spanish and are well prepared for playing classic 80´s and 90´s hits. 

If you are planning a budget wedding consider live music for crucial parts of your day such as walking down the aisle and have a playlist made up to suit each mood for the rest of the wedding. 

€300 - €3000

Indie rock band wedding


One of the most enjoyable suppliers to hire! Most catering companies include a wedding cake in the menu. However, There is nothing quite like having a personalised wedding cake and choosing the perfect combination of flavours. 

Be expected to pay much more for a fondant iced cake than a naked cake, if you're on a budget go for a small cake to cut and serve your guests cupcakes. 


dessert table wedding spain

Hair and makeup

All professional hair and makeup artists recommend a trial before the wedding day, which can be difficult if you are travelling to Spain only a few days before your wedding but even if it's the day before, it's better late than never. Most beauticians have bridal packs with include, manicure, pedicure and skin treatments.

€200 - €600

hair and makeup wedding

Wedding dress

Nowadays wedding gowns are much lighter in weight and can be easily ironed if they have been packed into your luggage for your destination wedding. If you are struggling to find what you want and have thought about getting a designer, look no further, Spain has top designers, making tailor made dresses at reasonable prices. In a couple of meetings you can have the dress of your dreams.  Eco friendly tips here.

€1000- €3,500

grace loves lace wedding dress


Couples are avoiding transport costs altogether by having the ceremony and the celebration at the venue they are residing in with their guests. Giving them much more time to enjoy every moment of the day. 

If your venue doesn't have accomodation there are many transport options are available at excellent prices: tandem, VW campervan, horse and carriage, classic and vintage cars...


VW campervan


The Andalusia region has eight provinces in which the landscape varies from rugged mountains, open desert, pine forests to exotic beaches, why not escape to one of Spain's secluded retreats where you can relax in the sunshine without having to get on another flight. 

Rural Retreats from €150 per night

Rural hotel Andalusia spain

I hope this post has been helpful and has cleared up some of those doubts that have been eating away at you!

It is usually thought that getting married in Spain will save you money, but in reality you will get much more for your money (and guaranteed sunshine)! And not to mention a once in a lifetime getaway with your closest family and friends. 

If you would like anymore information about getting married in Spain, don't hesitate to get in touch with us!